• Annual Title 1 Meeting 

    North High School will host an annual meeting by the end of First Semester for all parents and staff members.  This meeting is to explain the requirements of the Title 1 program, and explain to parents their rights and to provide them with information that will allow them to be fully active in their child’s education. This meeting will also provide parents an opportunity to review the School-Parent-Student Compact and suggest possible changes. 

    • Flexible Meetings 

    Parent meetings will be held at different times to make it more convenient for parents to attend.  The information shared at the Annual meeting will also be posted on North’s website for parents who may not be able to attend.  Our school offers conferences each quarter.

    • Involve and Informing Parents in an Organized, Ongoing and Timely Way 

    Parent sessions will be conducted throughout the school year.  North Forsyth uses the North Carolina Standard Course of Study curriculum.  Academic assessments are given quarterly, EOC/G as well as Benchmark assessments.  Students are expected to reach levels 3-5 for proficiency, Levels 1 & 2 are not proficient.  North Forsyth instructional staff will be educated through staff meeting and professional development trainings.  All North Forsyth staff maintain parent contact logs and are checked through administration walk through and evaluationsParents will be asked for their suggestions or recommendations at all meetings, in planning, review, and improvement of Title 1 programs and the school parental involvement policy and plan. 

    • Timely Information 

    Parents will receive information on a regular basis through PowerSchool parent portal: grade level information sessions and quarterly report cards.  Parents’ question and concerns will be addressed at each session throughout the year.  

    • Opportunities for Regular Meetings 

    Parent meetings will be held throughout the year which gives parents a chance to be actively involved in their child’s education.   Parents are invited to attend our monthly School Improvement Team (SIT) meetings every 2nd Wednesday @ 7:45am.  A parent survey will be distributed regarding parent sessions they would like to see offered.  Also, Parent conferences may be scheduled at a time available to parents.  If there is a need for parent transportation to the school for parent events, please contact Mrs. Scales your Family Engagement Coordinator at 336-661-4880 Ext: 76145.   Parents are given a chance to give feedback on a quarterly and annual basis. 

    • Annual Revision Meeting/Parent Comments 

    All parents are invited to attend our Annual Revision Meeting prior to our first annual meeting to review and revise our policy and plan. The parent policy is reviewed throughout the year and any revisions will be made the following school year.  An annual survey of parent/school issues will be conducted.  

    • School-Parent-Student Compact 

    The School-Parent-Student Compact is developed and/or reviewed at the annual meeting, and reviewed at each parent meeting.  Parents are asked for comments regarding the compact.   

    We will use Title 1 funds to offer PFE activities to support parents, families and students.