• RJR PTSA Kick Off Meeting

    August 25, 2020 / 6:00 PM / Zoom Meeting


    Dr. Leslie Alexander, Nicole Beale, Karen Morris, Betsy Keller, Laura Neelon, Jennifer Hudson, Keely Bridges, Katherine Watts, Pamela Henderson, Mari Valaoras, Sarah Stitzel, Ashley Stabolitis, Ashley Pearce, Beth Budd, Anne Dunn, Caroline Stopyra, Bridget Reynolds, Brooke Farmer


    Welcome (Dr. Leslie Alexander)

    Starting her 6th year at RJR

    In spring 123 students had not engaged in virtual learning.

    As of today 80 students haven’t logged on for virtual learning.

    We will all learn from this experience.

    Students will take ownership over their learning.

    All students must have the video option on.

    Excited for Karen Morris’s return.


    Budget (Jennifer Hudson)

    There is a new line item for Technology Support (a focus for this year).

    Hold off on buying new technology (Dr. Alexander).

    What is the Legacy Fund? How is it divided out?

    The hospitality line item was bumped up this year.

    There is a new line item  added for Gfeller Stage Maintenance

    The building and grounds line item was bumped up this year.

    40k in our account at the start of this year due to events that didn’t happen in the spring.


    Legacy (Betsy Keller)

    Goal for the year is 100k.

    Same school and same community, so the number stays the same.


    Membership (Betsy Keller)

    We need to help our community see that there is value in joining.

    We will be using social media to promote membership.

    Memberhub will also be used.


    Communication (Betsy Keller)

    Contact Laura if you want to be added to admin to post on RJR PTSA Facebook page.

    Social Media is the main platform for communication.

    Do we still need to get a newsletter out?

    We must continue to communicate well.


    Future Meetings (Betsy Keller)

    We will continue to meet via Zoom.

    We will communicate more this year by having more meetings.


    Open Discussion (Betsy Keller)

    What is PTSA and what do we do?

    We support all aspects of RJR.

    School Tours may be on hold this year.

    How do we grow our community?


    Closing Comments (Dr. Alexander)

    The theme for this year is resilience.

    Resilience is the lens that we will be looking through.

    Find ways to highlight that theme throughout the year.


    Next Meeting: September 8th, 2020

Last Modified on November 2, 2020