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    RJ Reynolds High School PTSA Board Meeting  Minutes

    September 8, 2020, 6:00 pm | Meeting called to order by Betsy Keller

    In Attendance

    Betsy Keller, Jennifer Hudson, Keely Bridges, Karen Morris, Robin Woodard, Catherine Watts, Katheryn Northington, Ashley Pearce, Beth Budd, Ashley Stabolitis, Sarah Stitzel, Kristen Martin, Anne Dunn, Dawn Nelson, Caroline Stopyra, Stephanie Kennedy

    Approval of Minutes

    August 25, 2020 Minutes approved by Betsy Keller

    President’s Remarks - Betsy Keller

    Betsy called the meeting to order.  She opened the meeting by letting Karen Morris speak. Karen discussed that these are challenging times at RJR. We have recently experienced the passing of an old teacher as well as a new teacher. Many within the RJR community are struggling with the death of Mr. Yaroch. An autopsy was performed but we do not have the results yet. Counselors have been made available to our community. A substitute has been set up for now. They are currently working on a Memorial service for him. People are rallying to help and support one another during this difficult time. A Go Fund Me has been set up as well.  Betsy reminded us that Resilience is our theme for the year. We are testing that as we speak. Good will come out of that theme.


    Membership - will have to be online this year. A link will go out on social media and an email will be sent. We are still looking to use Memberhub. We are also looking for someone to coordinate a general meeting, so that we can hold a vote. It may need to be a video program. We have to give a three-day notice prior to the meeting. We need to get at least 20 people to attend. We want to make sure the meeting is open to everyone. Karen Morris stated that when you open the meeting up for questions and comments it increases family engagement. Betsy said that maybe we can conduct a parent survey. We can present the budget through the survey and ask people to join PTSA? The National PTSA website has great information on how to do parent surveys. 


    Stephanie Kennedy - Legacy Report

    So far we have raised $13,000.00. Our goal is $100,000.00. We are looking for 100% participation. We have great needs this year, and we need to hit our mark. Robin Woodard asked why we do not send mailers? Stephanie Kennedy said mailers are too expensive. Robin said maybe we can make mailers more basic. Stephanie added that we do not have grandparents in our database. Caroline Stopyra mentioned that direct calls are effective.  We can divide up the database and make calls.

    General Updates. 

    • Demon Pantry - We have some specific needs and we are figuring out what those are.
    • Campus Clean Up - We have had very little participation in the past. We mainly cleaned up trash. We are looking for individuals who are willing to dig in this year and really clean up the beds etc. We can’t encourage groups of students to help. We have to continue to do things in a social distance way.
    • Volunteers and Hospitality - EC teachers need support. They have had a tough time, and it has been very challenging for them. We would like to support them by delivering food to their house. We need to continue to keep people engaged. We need to remember that in order to volunteer you must log into WSFC and fill out the county volunteer form. Our teachers need support right now and we should be doing things to support them one a regular basis. We should be doing sometime at least once a month as soon as possible. PTSA can send hand written notes to the entire staff and faculty with A $5.00 gift card to Starbuck or Chic-fil-A. Kristen Martin volunteered to have her business donate the gift cards from Chic-fil-A. A Sign Up Genius will be created, so that PTSA can sign up to write notes to staff and faculty.


    Next Meeting - Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 @ 6:00 pm. Via Zoom

    Motion to adjourn was made at 7:30 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted by Keely Bridges

Last Modified on November 2, 2020