• Service as Action & Personal Project


    What is Service Learning in MYP?

    Service as Action is a requirement for the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP).  IB believes that action (learning by doing and experiencing) is key to the learning process and that through Service as Action students will become more confident, self-directed learners.  The goal is for students to understand their capacity to make a meaningful contribution to their community and society. Through service learning, students develop and apply academic knowledge, personal skills and social skills in real-life situations involving decision-making, problem-solving, initiative, responsibility and accountability for their actions.


    • Completed during 9th grade
    • There are no minimum number of hours required.
    • Participate in activities that make a positive, meaningful impact.
    • Service as Action is seen as: learning about important issues, engaging in advocacy, organizing, and taking individual and collaborative action. 
    • Allows students to reflect om how the impact of their action effects the community and their personal development.
    • 7 Learning Outcomes: Awareness, ethics, global value, initiative, perseverance, challenge and new skills, and collaboration
    • Complete at least six meaningful activities, where reflection and evidence can be conducted through the lens of at least one (or more) of the learning outcomes.

    Students may engage in one or more of the following four actions to complete the Service as Action requirement: 

    • Direct Service: Engage directly with people, animals, or the environment.
    • Indirect Service: Not in the presence of the one that is being helped, but the actions will benefit the community or environment.
    • Advocacy: Speak on behalf of an issue of public interest to promote awareness and understanding through distribution of accurate information that may lead to others taking action. 
    • Research: Collect information from various sources, analyze data and report on a topic of importance to influence policy or practice.


    What is the MYP Personal Project?

    The MYP Personal Project is completed during a student’s 10th grade year and is a culminating event that allows students to demonstrate the skills and learning that have transpired during their years in the Middle Years Programme.  The project provides an opportunity for students to tap into their creativity and produce a project that is a personal reflection of them, their interests, and what they find valuable. 

    Students will begin the Personal Project during the spring of their 9th grade year, and it will be completed by third quarter of the 10th grade year.  Students are assigned a faculty member to be their project advisor.  The role of the advisor is to guide the student through the process and makes sure he/she fulfills all IB requirements for the personal project.  The project consists of three components:  a process journal, the product/outcome, and a report. 

    Personl Project Guide: MYP Personal Project Guide 

    Aims and Objectives of the MYP Personal Project:

    The aims of the MYP projects are to encourage and enable students to:

    • participate in a sustained, self-directed inquiry within a global context
    • generate creative new insights and develop deeper understandings through in-depth investigation
    • demonstrate the skills, attitudes, and knowledge required to complete a project over an extended period of time
    • communicate effectively in a variety of situations
    • demonstrate responsible action through learning
    • appreciate the process of learning and take pride in their accomplishments.

    The objectives state the specific targets that are set for learning. They define what students will be able to accomplish because of their study. The objectives also align with the assessment criteria, which the project score is based on.








    I.   Define a clear goal and global context for the project.  Base the project on personal interests. 

    II.  Identify prior learning and subject-specific knowledge relevant to the project

    III. Demonstrate research skills






    I.   Develop criteria for the product/outcome

    II.  Plan and record the development process of the project

    III. Demonstrate self-management skills





    Taking Action

    I.   Create a product/outcome in response to the goal, global context, and criteria

    II.  Demonstrate thinking skills

    III. Demonstrate communication and social skills








    I.    Evaluate the quality of the product/outcome against their criteria

    II.  Reflect on how completing the project has extended knowledge and understanding of the topic and the global context

    III. Reflect on development as an IB learner through the project