• "The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."

    Ludwig Wittgenstein, Austrian Philosopher

    What is Immersion?

    Language immersion programs allow students to learn content such as Math, Science, and Social Studies through another language.  Students learn the same content they would in a traditional classroom, but they also learn the other language at the same time.  Immersion programs begin in Kindergarten and students acquire the target language, such as Spanish, through a natural process of language acquisition.  As students progress through the grade levels, their language skills build so that they are able to continue to learn increasingly complex content through the target language.  Through immersion programs, students are able to become bilingual and biliterate, developing high levels of proficiency in the target language as well as high achievement in English Language Arts and other content areas. See more about the characteristics of immersion programs and this brochure for more information. See also this recording of a parent information session.

    Dual immersion programs can be either one-way or two-way programs. In a one-way program, all of the students have the same native or heritage language background. In a two-way program, approximately half of the students are native speakers of the target language, such as Spanish, and the other half of the students are native English speakers.  The goal in all programs is bilingualism and biliteracy for both groups of students. Research conducted in North Carolina shows that students in dual immersion programs score at or above the level of their monolingual peers on standardized tests.  In addition, this research shows that dual immersion programs can close the achievement gap for all groups of students. See the results of this logitudinal study conducted by Drs. Wayne Thomas and Virginia Collier.

                            Kindergarten Immersion                               Chinese                                 1st Grade                      

    Currently in WS/FCS, we have programs in a variety of schools. Spanish immersion is available at Diggs-Latham, Easton, Forest Park, Old Town, Smith Farm, and Speas Elementary Schools. The programs at Smith Farm and Speas are two-way programs, meaning both native English and native Spanish speaking students are a part of the program. The programs at Diggs-Latham, Easton, Forest Park, and Old Town are one-way, meaning they are designed for native or heritage Spanish speakers. Middle school dual language immersion is available at East Forsyth Middle and Paisley IB Magnet Schools. Students at Paisley IB Magnet can remain there to continue IB and dual immersion for high school. Students at East Forsyth Middle can continue their experience at East Forsyth High School. More information can be found at the schools' websites. The Center for Applied Linguistics also provides information about the benefits of immersion programs.

    One-Way Programs

    Two-Way Programs 

    Diggs-Latham Elementary 

    Smith Farm Elementary

    Easton Elementary

    Speas Global Elementary

    Fores Park Elementary


    Old Town Elementary   


    Spanish immersion programs continue at Paisley IB Magnet and East Forsyth Middle for middle school and at Paisley IB Magnet and East Forsyth High School for high school.

    "One language sets you in a corridor for life.  Two languages open every door along the way." – Frank Smith, contemporary psycho-linguist from Harvard University