• According to the University of Maryland,  "Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. Unlike electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists deal mostly with software and software systems..."

    So this week is about learning how to build computer software!  That sounds like a really big goal - and to be an expert, it is.  But ANYONE can learn how to code.  It's up to you how involved you want to get with it!  I know it sounds overwhelming - but anybody can learn!


    Lots of people get involved in coding.  Here are some favorites:

    • Did you know that Gimkit was made by a High School Junior?  And his goal was for 10 teachers to use it.  In total.  And it started as a school project?!  Read more about Josh's journey here!  
    • President Obama did a video about Computer Science as part of the Hour of Code a few years ago - check out the video here!
    • Steph Curry went to an Hour of Code event in 2017. Check out his interview! 

    What are you waiting for?  I want to add YOUR name to the list of cool designers and programers that we know!

    Sharing what you've created on Social Media?  Tag it #WileySTEAM and #CSEdWeek  We would LOVE to see what you've made!

  • During X Period each day, there will be some exciting events that lead up to participating in the Hour of Code on Friday!

    It is OPTIONAL!  I know you still need to do Iready and have responsibilities to your classes. Everything related to this can be done Asynchronously, except Friday.

    Monday - Introductory Videos and resources will be posted throughout the week on the Wiley Website at https://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/hourofcode 

    Tuesday - Explore a Coding Tool (tools with resources include Scratch, Code.org, and others.  Thanks Mr. Scott and Mr. Pitts for lending your expertise and resources!)

    Wednesday - Q&A with Professionals in the Field (Times TBA)

    Thursday - Design Oriented Thinking Activities - What challenge are you solving with your code?

    Friday - X Period Hour of Code - Synchronous Code Writing!

Jobs in Computer Science
Last Modified on December 4, 2020