• Hi guys! Ms. Eberle here.  Being a website coder can be tricky! I started in high school and BOY was I bad.  Luckily, the Latin Club website has been updated since I made it!  These days I do coding for bigger things, like the Hovaheart Dog Kennel and the Wiley Website!

    When you want to write website code, one of the best ways to learn is to look at someone else's code and figure out how to change it for your self.  My favorite place to do that is the W3Schools Website.

    Coding websites is a lot of trial and error - I try something, look at it, and decide if I actually like it!  HTML Code is the MOST basic.  It builds the page. 

    Then you add design and color with other types of code, like CSS, Java, and others.  And when you want to get REALLY tricky?  Format your coding so it looks good on Mobile Devices too!

    1. Log into Clever
    2. Click on Code.org
    3. Use this link and click "Make a Webpage"
    4. When you're done, share the link! Click the share button at the top.  Share it on social media with the tag #WileySTEAM or email it to Ms. Eberle at eeberle@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.  We want to see what you built!
Last Modified on December 7, 2020