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    If you have any questions about Kindergarten enrollment, please read below or call our office. 336-703-4135


    You can "take" our virtual tour by watching our video.

    Speas Global Virtual Tour 2020 video


    Families can already begin/complete the Kindergarten Online enrollment forms:

    Click Here for 2021-2022 Online Enrollment ("next year" in August)

    This is for Kindergarten students who will be 5 by Aug. 31 of this year or any students new to WSFCS 


    March 29 to April 23: Click Here to Apply through the Magnet Application
    Kindergarten Families can apply to Speas Global through the Magnet Application process. Your child still must be 5 by Aug. 31, 2021. WSFCS offers magnet-shuttle transportation to students living outside of the school's zone.

  • Kindergarten online enrollment is ongoing! Click here to get started!

    "Countdown to K" is WSFCS's "day" to promote Kindergarten enrollment and encourage families of children who will be 5 by August 31, 2021 to enroll for Kindergarten online. Families will choose your residential school. However, your residential school does not need to be your intended final school choice. Your residential school is where you first complete your enrollment information. (online this year)

    The district, WSFCS, wants to help get families connected to WSFCS sooner so planning for our youngest learners can begin. 

    What if I want to choose Speas Global but I had to register with a different school?

    No problem! The Magnet and Choice period for Kindergarten students is March 29-April 23. During this period, you may apply to Speas through the Magnet Application online. Even if you have another child who attends Speas, you should complete the Magnet Application.

    You will see, there are two choices for Speas on the Magnet Application:

    IB Primary Years - Dual Language - English/Spanish


    IB Primary Years - English Only

    All our students are IB students. The only difference is the language in which they will be learning.


    What if my child is already enrolled in a WSFCS PreK?

    Since your child is already in the PowerSchool system, your will complete a paper copy of the enrollment forms so Data Managers can update information in PowerSchool. These paper forms can be picked up from the office or requested to be send home with your child if they are attending in-person. You will also need to present all documentation once again to the office when you return your paper enrollment documentation. The needed documents are listed on the flyer below.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.