•    North Carolina PTA Reflections Contest

    Congratulations to all the RJR Reflections Winners

    Our NATIONAL Reflections winner!

    Dance Choreography
    Award of Merit - Anna Zwigard
    Reynolds studends that won State Awards
    2nd Connor Romney “A Reason”
    Dance Choreography
    1st Anna Zwigard “Speak My Mind”
    3rd Ava Shick “Returning the Favor”
    2nd Shaun Kawalee "It Matters"
    Reynolds studends that won County Awards

    First place county winners advance to state


    1st Reece Nelson “Beyond Me”

    1st Kallie Graves “We Are”

    1st Connor Romney “A Reason”

    2nd Whit Andrus “A Valuable Mindset”

    2nd Nick Lafley “Reflections 2020”

    2nd Leah Bringle “I Matter Because”

    2nd Catherine Kim “I Matter Because”

    3rd Kate Walls “I Matter Because”

    3rd Madelyn Myers “Universal Pieces”


    Dance Choreography

    1st Anna Zwigard “Speak My Mind”

    2nd Megan Maloney “Unfinished Business”

    3rd Annie Fulk “A Matter of Time”



    1st Ava Shick “Returning the Favor”


    Visual Arts

    1st Ava Ginn "VA-High"



    1st Shaun Kawalee “It Matters”  

    Students who won Reynolds Awards for their Reflections entries.    
    Music Composition
    Catherine Kim

    Connor Romney

    Isabella Vargas

    Kallie Graves

    Kate Walls

    Reece Nelson

    Leah Bringle

    Whit Andrus

    Madelyn Myers

    Nick Lafley

    Dance Choreography

    Anna Zwigard

    Annie Fulk

    Megan Maloney


    Ava Schick

    Visual Arts

    Ava Ginn


    Shaun Kawalec



Last Modified on May 17, 2021