Community Engagement

  • Our Vision

    The Community Engagement team commits to ensuring our community of students, families, volunteers, and community partners are:

    • Welcomed: We respect and appreciate diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. WS/FCS will ensure the appropriate establishment of responsive policies, practices, and pathways of support that prepare students to have respect for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and family structures. 
    • Valued: We recognize that students have a broad range of learning styles, abilities, and disabilities. WS/FCS will ensure all students are treated with respect and kindness, and that all students have access to inclusive environments and accommodations to experience greater safety, independence, and success. 
    • Inspired: We honor individuality and commit to nurturing student curiosity. WS/FCS will ensure students flourish through creative discussions and experiences, and when challenged academically. 
    • Informed: We strive to be responsive to questions and concerns, and communicate important and sensitive information through accessible avenues. WS/FCS will ensure students, families, and community partners are familiar with access points and that non-English speaking families obtain interpretation and translation services.
    • Supported: We recognize that education is strengthened by strong partnerships between school and home. WS/FCS will ensure parents and caregivers are actively invited to participate in the success of their student(s) and to support their local school through activities such as volunteering. WS/FCS will also ensure community partners (local businesses, educational organizations, agency and advocacy groups) are aware of local school needs and understand how to best support the district and its schools. 

    The Community Engagement team, together in intentional collaboration with the community, commit to these principles so that our students can participate in a positive learning environment where achievement gaps diminish, dropout rates decline, and graduation rates increase.

    Who We Are

    The WS/FCS Community Engagement team coordinates partnerships between schools, families, and community partners to promote student achievement and ensure equitable availability of supportive resources and services. Meet the team using this link.

    Parent, volunteer, and community coordinators at each school collaborate with school staff, students and families, and community organizations to ensure proper support structures for students.

    What We Do

    Collectively, we're the families, volunteers, and community partners (local businesses, educational organizations, agency and advocacy groups) who support and nurture the students, teachers, and staff of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

    Student success is at the heart of community engagement for WS/FCS. Our goal is to ensure everyone feels welcomed, valued, and inspired to be active partners in student growth and development. When students are engaged - socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically - they are more hopeful about their future. When students and their families have better connections to resources, support, and experiences - in and out of the classroom, and at home - they are more confident and driven to ready themselves for college and a career.


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Volunteer Spotlight

While volunteers have not been able to be in schools this year, we want to recognize community members who have volunteered countless hours to supporting our students and staff.  Some have served in community learning centers. Some have spent evenings and weekends in vaccine clinics. Some have packaged and delivered masks to schools. This list of examples goes on and on.

Please join us in thanking anyone you know who has volunteered in some way this school year. Their impact will be long-lasting. Read more using this link.