• As families of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, we want to make sure you have the resources needed for you, a family member, or your student. From medical/healthcare needs and well-being to financial assistance and supplemental groceries, these organizations are committed to serving Forsyth County. 

    Note: WS/FCS does not specifically endorse any one organization or agency. This list is not exhaustive. WS/FCS families and caregivers are encouraged to vet resources with care.  

  • Academic Assistance (Literacy, Tutoring, etc.)

  • After School Care Providers

  • Clothing Resources

  • Disability Support Services

  • Emergency Assistance

  • Family Services

  • Food Pantries

  • Maternal and Child Health Education

  • Medical/Healthcare Support

  • Mental Health

  • Mentoring and Personal Development

  • Substance Abuse Resources for Adolescents

Are you a local service provider that isn't listed?