• Face Covering Requirements for Students


    All children age five (5) or older must  wear a face covering when indoors, at all times, while on a bus or other  transportation vehicle, and when outdoors and within six (6) feet of another  person. 

    Consequences for Violations.  Students who fail to wear a Face Covering, in  compliance with the requirements of Section IV.A above, shall be subject to  discipline in accordance with Policy 5131 Student Behavior and Administrative  Regulation 5131 Code of Student Conduct.  

    For a first or minor offense,  consequences may include student counseling on the importance of wearing a  Face Covering, parent-teacher conference, and/or student contracts.  For more  repeat or more serious infractions, consequences may include suspension from  school, a student may be referred for full-time remote learning

    Face Covering Guidance

    Face Coverings

Last Modified on August 5, 2021