• RJ Reynolds High School PTSA Board Meeting Minutes October 6, 2020, 6:00 pm   Click here for PDF

    Meeting called to order by Betsy Keller

    In Attendance

    Betsy Keller, Laura Neelon, Jennifer Hudson, Keely Bridges, Stephanie Kennedy, Dawn Nelson, Sarah Stitzel, Roscoe Pouncey, Anne Dunn, Ashley Stabolitis, Caroline Stopyra, Mari Valaoras, Katheryn Northington, Leslie Alexander, Nicole Beale, Pamela Henderson

    Approval of Minutes

    Betsy Keller made a motion to approve the minutes from our September meeting. Jennifer Hudson informed the group that there was a typo in the financial report. Keely will make the change before posting minuets.

    President’s Remarks - Betsy Keller

    Betsy called the meeting to order. She thanked everyone for attending and passed it on to Jennifer Hudson for an update on the financial report.

    Financial Reports

    Treasurer - Jennifer Hudson Budget report from this year was compared to last year. Several line items have changed. Some line items have increased, while others have decreased. A motion was made to approve the budget. The budget was approved.

    Stephanie Kennedy - Legacy Report We have 30 donors so far. Legacy is our only fundraiser. The funds go to RJR academics, arts, and athletics. We are urging 100% participation this year. New corporate sponsors have been added.

    General Reports

    PTSA Update and Membership - Betsy Keller

    We are staying updated on what the needs of the staff are. Letters were delivered to the staff from PTSA board. We are still pushing PTSA membership. More information will be coming out on how you can join PTSA. We are looking for ways to reach more people. Laura Neelon will be helping with the membership drive. We are still planning to use Memberhub.

    RJR Goals - Dr. Leslie Alexander

    Dr. Alexander thanked the group for all the thank you notes that were written for the RJR staff. She also thanked those who were responsible for delivering dinners to the EC teachers.

    Dr. Alexander listed the RJR goals:

    1. Increase the 4 year graduation rate by 5% over 3 years.
    2. Improve student performance on ACT by 5 points over a 3 year period.
    3. Increase the performance of EC students on EOC test to comply with federal government.
    4. Increase student online engagement by 3% (14% were unengaged last spring).
    5. Build more positive school culture as evidenced by FCAE and TWC survey.

    Betsy told Dr. Alexander to keep us informed on what we can do to help and what the needs are.

    Committee Reports

    • Arts Magnet - Pamela Henderson reported that resilience is the theme for this year. There will a speaker series on “resilience”. They are looking at what the local struggles are during the pandemic. Reflections have kicked off.
    • Booster Club - Laura Neelon encouraged everyone to follow the Booster Club on social media. New items are available from the Demon Shop. Be on the lookout for those via social media.
    • Building and Grounds - Dawn Nelson reported that maintenance is new line item in the budget. RJR has received a $750.00 grant from the Garden Council. Three trees will be planted in early November. New picnic tables will also be added.
    • Communications - Betsy reported that our newsletter will continue this year on a monthly basis. We are planning to have a strong social media presence. The RJR website is very valuable, and there is a wealth of information on there.
    • Demon Pantry - Roscoe Pouncey reported that the Demon Pantry is located in the school office. It is a place for students to get food. Donations are being accepted. The pantry is in need of pasta, cereal, snacks, and canned fruit. You can sponsor a student fro $100.00.
    • Volunteers - Sarah Stitzel wanted to remind everyone to make sure you update your volunteer status at wsfcsvolunteers.com.

    Zoom meeting was disconnected @ 6:48 pm

    Next Meeting - Tuesday, November 10th @ 6:00 pm via Zoom

    Respectfully submitted by Keely Bridges

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