• RJ Reynolds High School PTSA Board Meeting Minutes November 10, 2020, 6:08 pm   Click here for PDF

    Meeting called to order by Betsy Keller

    In Attendance

    Betsy Keller, Laura Neelon. Jennifer Hudson, Keely Bridges, Dr. Leslie Alexander, Stephanie Kennedy, Sarah Stitzel, Roscoe Pouncey, Dawn Nelson, Katheryn Northington, Pamela Henderson

    Approval of Minutes

    Minutes were submitted by Keely Bridges, but did not get approved in this meeting due to technical difficulties at the beginning of the Zoom call.

    President’s Remarks - Betsy Keller

    Betsy Keller Betsy called the meeting to order. She informed the group that 128 people have signed up and joined PTSA via Memberhub. Our social media presence has been really strong.

    Vice President’s Remarks - Laura Neelon

    Laura encouraged us to continue to send information to her for our social media updates. This is the best way to communicate right now.

    Financial Reports

    Treasurer - Jennifer Hudson

    Jennifer asked that we remember and encourage others to sign up at our local grocery stores (Lowes, Harris Teeter, Publix, etc.) to link your cards to Reynolds. Reynolds gets a kick back from this. We have raised $37, 842.00 through Legacy so far. We have been distributing funds out. Two checks have been written to Booster Club and we have used funds for a lot of hospitality for teachers. It was noted that the teacher hospitality has been greatly appreciated.

    Legacy - Stephanie Kennedy

    Stephanie reported that $37,842.00 has been raised by Legacy. We have more corporate sponsors on the way. Once we have received those, we should be over $43,000.00. We want to reach $50,000.00 by Thanksgiving. We plan to make calls to those who contributed to Legacy last year and but haven’t yet this year. We are looking individuals who would be willing to help make those calls.

    General Reports

    Dr. Leslie Alexander - General Remarks

    Dr. Alexander reported that everyone is working hard to get the building and grounds ready. Teachers come back November 30th. Testing will happen January 11th. The board will approve this. So far, 65% of students want to return to RJR school in person. We are trying to get a clear picture of who will return in person January 25th. Senior pictures are coming up November 18th and 19th. Grades 9-11 will have pictures made the first two Wednesdays in December. The goal is to have all pictures taken so that we can have ID badges made. This helps us know who people are while wearing a mask. We are $100,000.00 short in our funding this year, but more funding is on the way. Dr. Alexander reported that the grounds are coming along nicely. The new windows look beautiful. The black handrails have been painted, and doors have been painted. Bricks in the courtyard have been pressured washed to remove mildew. Four trees are being planted and a cherry tree will be planted to honor Nick Yaroch. The plantings will take place mid December.  

    Committee Reports

    • Arts Magnet - Pamela Henderson reported that the first showcase is Saturday, December 5th. Videos are in the works to show tours. A video is being created for middle school recruitment. We are making sure that the RJR homepage is easy to use. Pamela reported that the first RJR resilience talk was successful. Nearly 100 students attended. The next residence talk is scheduled for December 4th at 10:00am. The talks last an hour. We continue to support teachers the best we can. We are making sure that teachers can access lesson plans etc…easily.
    • Communications - Betsy reported that Stephanie is putting the newsletter together on a monthly basis right now. We are looking for someone to take that over.
    • Demon Pantry - Pamela reported that the Citrus Fund Raiser gave half of what was raised to the Demon Pantry. Clubs are looking for ways to also support the Demon Pantry.
    • Reflections: The deadline is November 17th.
    • Tours and Volunteers - Sarah Stitzel reminded us to make sure we are up to date on the WSFCS volunteer list. We are trying to fit all the most important things into our school tour videos.
    • Hospitality - Jennifer reported that Bobby Boy gift certificates were given to teachers. Bagels for breakfast and lunch stuff have been provided as well. Dinners from The Porch were provided to all EC teachers. Caroline also tied in Yoga classes with the Bobby Boy gift certificates. Dr. Alexander noted that the Bobby Boy certificates were a huge hit. It was also noted that we are using all local businesses.
    • Booster Club - Betsy reported that the Demon Shop drive thru sale was a success. Laura reported that there was a steady stream the whole time and they made over $3000.00. People coming through were excited to be connected. They are hoping to have another sale before Christmas.
    • SIT Teams - Katheryn reported that we are looking for ways to keep students engaged. They are discussing possible ways to set up a community learning center. There are twice as many students failing right now. We are looking for ways to support these students. Teachers are giving more grace. It was also noted that it is important to check in on the mental health of the students.

    Closing Remarks – Betsy Keller

    Betsy encouraged us to help make sure that we are reaching everyone that we can. What do we need to do to prepare for the 21/22 school year? She encouraged the group to be thinking of who we can get involved in PTSA next year. What role do you think you can take on next year? Betsy reminded us that funds are tight and asked that continue to think of ways to raise funds for PTSA and Booster Club.

    Next Meeting - Tuesday, December 8th @ 6:00 pm via Zoom

    Motion to adjourn was made at 7:00 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted by Keely Bridges

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