• Delivery of Services

    The teachers in the Homebound-Hospital Education Center plan lessons and deliver instruction based on assignments from the home school and on each student's individual ability and/or IEP/504 Plan goals and accommodations. Education services may include instruction, testing, participation in IEP/504 plan committee functions, and communication between the home school and the Homebound-Hospital staff and program.

    Homebound-Hospital instruction can never replace classroom learning experiences. Normal academic progress cannot be guaranteed. An individual student's instruction is determined, in part, by the student's medical condition, behavior, and in some cases, the conditions within the instructional setting. Changes in the student's condition or circumstances may necessitate modification of the student's curriculum and/or instructional time. It should be noted that the instructor's caseloads fluctuate.

    Instructional Settings

    The Homebound-Hospital Education Center provides instructional services primarily in the homes of authorized out-of-school placements, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and Forsyth County Juvenile Detention Center. The Homebound-Hospital Education Center may also provide instructional services in alternative or private settings if deemed appropriate by the school board of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System.

  • Mission Statement

    Homebound-Hospital Education Center will provide each student with ongoing support as we work closely with school systems to provide academic experiences, implement a rigorous curriculum and incorporate multi-media instruction in a non-traditional setting. This will ensure we meet the needs of all learners in an ever-changing society.  


    Homebound-Hospital Education Center provides unique educational services to meet the needs of the whole child. The entire school community works as a connected unit within the district to create a student-centered, respectful, and safe learning environment where diversity is valued.