• Open House

    Welcome Prospective CC Students and Families!

    Welcome to our Virtual Open House!  We're so glad you're here to learn more about the wide variety of courses, exciting opportunities, and top-tier teachers that Career Center High School has to offer!  Use the table below to navigate to the areas/courses that interest you.  CC Administration and Student Services will have a table if you have questions about school processes and upcoming registration. 





    South Building Location

    Creative Arts & Media





    AP Studio Arts (2D, 3D, & Drawing), AP Art History, & Digital Art

    Andrea Raines

    2nd Floor Commons Area


    Digital Media & Adobe Suite

    Mark Underwood

    2nd Floor Commons Area


    AP Music Theory & Music Production I & II

    Chris Garmon

    2nd Floor Commons Area

    Family & Consumer Sciences






    Jill Ogburn & Yolanda Shepherd-Reid

    1st Floor Atrium


    Culinary Arts

    Chad Estep

    1st Floor Atrium


    Early Childhood Education

    Miranda Rich

    1st Floor Atrium

    Health Sciences





    Health Science I & II

    Charlene Fields & Melissa Sparks

    1st Floor Center Round


    Nursing Fundamentals

    Laquita Clement, Monica McMillan, & Billy Sapp

    1st Floor Center Round






    Automotive Collision Repair

    Randall Gentry

    1st Floor Atrium


    Automotive Technology

    Scott Binkley, Michael Gaffner, Travis Stewart, & Chuck Wooten

    1st Floor Center Round



    Robert Menton

    1st Floor Atrium



    Peter Manktelow

    1st Floor Atrium


    Drone Technology and Python Programmig

    Brian Lee

    1st Floor Atrium

    World Languages





    AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, & Latin American Studies

    Cecilia Jimenez

    3rd Floor Rm 311


    Chinese Language & Culture I, II, III, IV, & AP

    Weihua Wang

    3rd Floor Rm 320


    Japanese Language & Culture , II, III, IV, & AP

    Chieko Banjoko

    3rd Floor Rm 310


    English 3&4 (Std & HN), AP English Language, AP English Literature, & Creative Writing

    Amy Beveridge, Mary Beth Ferrell, Kathryn Hauser, Evan Moore, Laurel Naughton, & Josh Present

    2nd Floor Media Center


    AP Calculus (AB & BC), AP Statistics, AP Computer Science Principles, & AP Computer Science A

    Jill Branoff, Greg Fisher, Lisa Putnam, & Tony Smith

    1st Floor Math Hallway






    Explorations in Alternative Energies

    Kyle Luth

    2nd Floor Near Skywalk


    AP Biology

    Sean Bennett

    2nd Floor Near Skywalk


    AP Chemistry, Chemistry HN, Organic & Biochemistry HN

    Josh Bragg

    2nd Floor Near Skywalk


    AP Environmental Science

    Andrea Knudsen

    2nd Floor Near Skywalk


    AP Physics I, II, & C

    Ryan Law

    2nd Floor Near Skywalk

    Social Studies





    AP Capstone: AP Seminar & AP Research

    Andrea Knudsen, Leigh Munley, & Josh Present

    2nd Floor Commons Area


    20th Century Civil Liberties, American History I&II HN, AP Economics, AP European History, AP Government & Politics, AP, Human Geography, AP Psychology,  AP US History, & AP Capstone

    Akwete McAlister, Ryan, Miles, Leigh Munley, Kai Ehnes, Maureen Stanford, & Emmett Walsh

    2nd Floor Classroom Hallway

    Administration & Student Services

    School-based processes and Registration

    Dr. Nancy Martinez, Bridget Hayes, Brian Lee, Stefanie Jones, Cindy Jolly,  Laura Piner, & and Kenzie Mick

    1st Floor - South Building


    Thank you for visiting and if you have any follow-up questions,

    call the CC Main Office at 336-727-8181 or

    email a staff member using our faculty directory.


Last Modified on January 4, 2023