• FTCC will be hosting WS/FCS CCP Information Sessions on the following dates. The sessions are expected to last up an hour and will be via Zoom. Please use the link below to access the meetings.

    • Wednesday, February 10 at 2pm
    • Wednesday, February 17 at 7 pm
    • https://explore.forsythtech.edu
    • The link prompts attendees to register for either Feb. 10 and Feb. 17. Attendees will then get the link to the Microsoft Teams meeting. A day before the event, they will receive another email reminding them of the event with the link.

    Please advertise these sessions to your rising 11th and 12th graders!  

    In addition, our FTCC teams are available to join in school specific registration information sessions as needed/invited to.

    Suggested text for Twitter (160 characters with spaces):

    Take note: Feb. 10 at 2 or Feb. 17 at 7 on Zoom to learn about possibilities of getting ahead on your post-high school plans. College? Work? We got you covered!

    Below are some other points about CCP that you are welcome to share with student and families:

    • Success in today’s global economy may require a two or four-year degree, a certificate, or diploma.
    • Through Career and College Promise, qualified high school students in North Carolina have the opportunity to pursue dual enrollment options, tuition free, allowing them to get a jump start on career and college preparation.
    • Career and College Promise has two pathways at Forsyth Tech Community College:
      • College transfer pathway: college credits that transfer to 4 year schools. Students can graduate from high school with college credits that range from a few classes to a whole semester and beyond.
        • Forsyth Tech offers Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering pathways. If a student completes the pathway (31-34 credits) it is the equivalent of the first year in college.
      • Career and Technical Education pathway: Students can graduate from high school with a certificate or diploma in a technical career ready to enter the workforce. Some certificates can be take as little as 5 classes.
        • Forsyth Tech offers over 50 CTE pathways to choose from that range from biotechnology to welding.
    • Participating in Career and College Promise Program:
      • Saves you time: you are taking general education classes that you will need to take at a 4 year school. Courses with a C or better transfer to 4 year schools.
      • Saves you money: classes are tuition-free.
      • Your GPA benefits: You earn the same weighted credit as an AP course.
      • Multiple learning options: You can take classes online (synchronous and asynchronous). You can take classes on one of Forsyth Tech campuses and get the full college experience while in high school.
      • As a Forsyth Tech student you have access to all the resources of the college to help you succeed.
      • You will work with a Forsyth Tech liaison and your high school counselor.

    At the national level, students who participate in Career and College Promise Program are more likely to:

    • Finish high school
    • Enroll in a postsecondary institution
    • Experience greater postsecondary success (Zinth and Barnett 2018).


    For more information visit: Career and College Promise Program at Forsyth Tech (https://www.forsythtech.edu/courses-programs/degrees/high-school-programs/)