• 2024-2025 Course Registration for Rising 10th - 12th Grade


    Class registration for 2024-25


    February 7th: Students will receive a course registration card that will be brought home. Students will need to bring their registration cards to school on the day of their advisory is scheduled to meet with school counselors. 

    Students are strongly encouraged to talk with parents about registration. Please encourage students to use the WSFCS registration book (link below) to help select classes that best relate to their goals after high school. 

    February 12th through February 22nd: Graduation Coach, Career Development Coordinator and School Counselors will begin meeting with students individually to finalize course selections for 2024-25 school year. Our goal is to help students select classes that match their post-secondary goals. 

    If a student is absent on the day of their scheduled visit with a counselor, don't worry!  A School Counselor will call you out of class and still meet with you individually at a later time. 


    Registration Timeline:   Current 11th Graders (rising seniors): February 12th

                                             Current 10th Graders (rising juniors): February 15th

                                             Current 9th Graders (rising sophomores): February 20th



    Students, please use the link below to view the WSFCS Registration Handbook.  This will provide you with descriptions of classes to help make your course selections.

    2024/25 Course Registration Handbook


    Advanced Placement Courses Offered at Walkertown High School

    Advanced Placement (AP) - West Orange High School

    Advanced Placement courses available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors



    Career Center Course Options for Rising Juniors and Seniors 

     Career Center principal retiring after 31 years with school system

    Career Center offers a wide variety to Advanced Placement and Career & Technical Education courses not available at Walkertown High School. Check out the links below for course information for Career Center.

    Students will typically take 3 course credits at Career Center and have 4 course credits at Walkertown High (2 per semester). When you meet with your school counselor for registration, please indicate if you will need bus transportation to Career Center or if you will drive.

    Advanced Placement (in English)                   Career Technical Education (in English)            Special Course Offerings (in English)

    Advanced Placement (in Spanish)                  Career Technical Education (in Spanish)           Special Course Offerings (in Spanish)   


    Dual Enrollment at Forsyth Tech Community College

    Career and College Promise at Forsyth Tech

    North Carolina’s Career & College Promise Program is an opportunity for high school students to earn credit for both their high school diploma and future college degree at the same time. Furthermore, the courses are tuition-free, enabling students and their families to save both time and money.










    Freshmen and Sophomore students are eligible to apply for Career and College Promise if you have been identified as academically gifted in math, reading, and English. 

    Please use the following link to learn more about CCP at Forsyth Tech Community College!

    Career and College Promise Information Booklet 


    What's Academic Rigor? Why is it So Important? - College RaptorCollege  Raptor

    When choosing which level class to take, students should consider test scores as well as work ethic. Use the following link to best choose which level is best for you! 

    Understanding the differences between Regular, Honors, and Pre-AP classes




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