• Are you interested in joining the Firefighter Academy at West Forsyth?

    The Firefighter Academy is a series of four classes instructed on the campus of West Fosyth that prepares students for a career in the Firefighting or Emergency Services career pathway.  It is a collaboration between the Clemmons Fire Department, Lewisville Fire Department, Vienna Fire Department and West Forysth High School. 

    The academy consists of dedicated high school students working toward their firefighting certificate.  Membership in the academy helps to build teamwork, community service, and leadership.  ALL high school students at West Forsyth are welcome to join as early as their 9th grade year.  Students need to dedicate enough time to fully complete the program. 

    Completion of the program consists of the following four courses (in this order): 

    • Public Safety 1 Honors (foundation course for ALL students interested in any career related to public safety including fire, law enforcement, EMS/Paramedic, and lawyer) 
    • Fire Fighter Technology 1 Honors
    • Fire Fighter Technology 2 Honors
    • Fire Fighter Technology 3 Honors  

    It is recommended that students begin taking courses in 9th or 10th grade in order to complete all four courses by the end of their senior year.  Public Safety 1 is a pre-requisite course and required to be completed before moving to Fire Fighter Technology 1 (and students must be a 10th grader to enroll in Fire Fighter Technology 1). There is also a Public Safety 2 course for students that want to continue their path in a public service related career, BUT not necessarily fire fighting. Public Safety 2 is a great option for students interested in law enforcement, EMS or paramedic, department of corrections or students that want to learn more about careers in all areas of public safety, including lawyers. 

    The classes are set up to resemble a Fire Department. Students are structured into companies with officer ranks and responsibilities.  Students should expect a stable, respectful and disciplined environment.  The coursework is demanding, but rewarding. Certification tests are given throughout the four courses, allowing students to continually work toward their full firefighter certification.  

    If interested in learning more about the Fire Academy at WFHS, email Chief Byrum at his school address, ATBYRUM@WSFCS.K12.NC.US or email Kim Hayes, the CDC at West Forysth. Students can also speak with their Student Services Counselor about enrollment in the Fire Academy program. Start your future now!


Last Modified on December 1, 2023