• Inspire340's network of 14 schools:

    ... are a part of active communities.

    Winston-Salem and Forsyth County are places that are very supportive of the local school district. WS/FCS is supported by a number of business partners that provide invaluable funding and support to the schools. Inspire340 schools have also had great results with recruiting and maintaining volunteers. Many community organizations and business professionals give of their time to prepare our future educators.

    ... value diverse culture.

    Inspire340 schools strive to create a diverse staff that will enrich the student experience. Inspire340 recoginzes that teachers of all kinds all bring something to the table and it’s important to highlight what makes each educator unique.

    ... empower outstanding educators.

    Inspire340 schools have a consistent track record of producing award winning educators. This year we have celebrated winners of the North Carolina Education Support Professional Award, Stanford University’s Holly Hock Scholarship, and most notably a Burroughs Wellcome Fund recipient. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Inspire340 schools encourage and support professional development. WS/FCS and Inspire340 want the best teachers in the state and will do what it takes to hire and continue professional development.

Incentives and Benefits

  • Petree Math Teacher Using New Classroom Furniture

    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools offer attractive supplements, some of the largest among the urban school districts in North Carolina. 

    The following information details the compensation package: 

    Recruitment Incentives

    • Laptop computers issued to all teachers
    • $1,200 interest-free cash advance for relocation expenses 
    • Waivers of utility deposits (electric and cable)
    • Waivers/reduction for security deposits from participating apartment complexes
    • Before and after school child care at Kimberley Park Elementary for teachers and teacher assistants who work at an Inspire 340 school. Cost: $50.00 week.

    Please check with Human Resources and School Principals on available incentives.

    Retention Benefits

    • State Health Plan
    • Dental Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Flexible Benefits (ex. vision, cancer, disability, etc.)
    • Employee Assistance Plan
    • Employee Discount and Incentive Program
    • Formal new teacher support program for first-year and beginning teachers
    • Annual Flu, Shingles, TDap, Pneumonia vaccine clinics – FREE to State Health Plan members
    • Educator Warehouse

    Teacher of the Year (TOY) Incentives

    • District recognition reception for all school TOYs
    • A cash award for district TOY 

Opportunity Culture: Grow With Us

  • What is Opportunity Culture in WS/FCS? 

    WS/FCS is part of a growing, national Opportunity Culture movement to extend the reach of excellent teachers, principals, and their teams to more students, for more pay, within regular school budgets. That means great opportunities to have a fulfilling career path full of support.

    Why did we choose Opportunity Culture? 

    TOpportunity Culture Logo o provide all students with excellent teaching and to help students close achievement gaps and leap ahead, our schools are creating an Opportunity Culture for their teachers and students. Opportunity Culture models enable schools to reach every student with excellent teachers and their teams—consistently—while paying teachers more for their extra responsibilities, and helping all educators improve on the job and work collaboratively. All pay supplements are funded through reallocations of existing budgets–no temporary grants

    An Opportunity Culture creates new roles for teachers–through a foundation of Multi-Classroom Leadership–and support staff, and it carefully integrates technology to save teachers time and help individualize instruction, often through small groups. The most effective teachers are responsible not only for helping more students, but also for helping their peers achieve teaching excellence, too. Research has shown large student learning gains for students on multi-classroom leader teams.

    In each Opportunity Culture school, a team of teachers and administrators adopts new roles to reach more students with teachers who have produced high-growth student learning. The team decides what reallocations to make to fund higher-paid roles, how to design school schedules for collaboration at school, how fast to reach all students with excellent teaching, and other design elements.

    Opportunity Culture schools have attracted large numbers of outstanding educators committed to creating a culture of excellence for students, teachers, and staff. Learn more at OpportunityCulture.org.

    The Opportunity Culture team at Public Impact supports and trains districts, schools, and partners who share our commitment to reaching every student with excellent teaching, every year, and to providing outstanding career opportunities to teachers.

    Additional Earnings of up to $12,000 Annually

    Starting with the 2020-2021 school year, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is expanding an amazing career pathway for effective teachers in select Inspire340 schools, instructional facilitators, and teacher academy leaders known as Opportunity Culture, an initiative designed to allow excellent educators opportunities to take their talents to the next level.

    Opportunity Culture allows WS/FCS's excellent teachers to extend their reach by leading teams, supporting teachers and students while earning additional pay up to $12,000 annually.

    Why Opportunity Culture?: What barriers keep teachers and students from experiencing great support and strong learning outcomes?  Learn how Opportunity Culture provides on-the-job, consistent support for all teachers to reach many more students with excellence. Learn about the unique role of multi-classroom leaders (MCLs)—educators who provide intensive support and development.

Who We Are Seeking

  • Are you a great teacher who’s ready to take the next step in your career—without leaving the students you love?

    Do you like to set ambitious goals for yourself and your students? 

    Do you enjoy supporting your colleagues to become more effective teachers? Are you looking for ways to help others succeed professionally? 

    In an Opportunity Culture, you can share your excellent teaching and build relationships with many more students, and lead and support other teachers. You’ll do that with more support for your own leadership, and more school-day time for planning and collaboration—for significantly more pay, sustainably funded.

    Do you want to reach more students with your great teaching, with the strong support and collaboration of an enthusiastic teaching team and leader?

    This is your chance to help even more students challenge themselves and succeed, for more pay, with powerful, proven support and more in-school time for planning and collaboration!

How To Apply

  • Before You Apply

    Start by gathering the following information/documents:

    • Employment history (dates, contact information)
    • Transcripts
    • Resume, cover letter, and copy of teaching license and other supporting documents
    • Professional references

    Click here to apply now. To Apply

    • Visit the WS/FCS Employment Opportunities page.
    • Search the Job Boards or Sign Up for a Teacher Match Account.
    • If you do not see a posting for the job(s) you are interested in, please consider applying to the Generic Posting in the category for which you are interested (Generic - Licensed).
    • Complete all required parts and upload appropriate documents for your application.
    • Review and submit your application.

    For questions or more information on the application process, contact our Staffing Team in Human Resources at staffing@wsfcs.k12.nc.us or 336-727-2969.