• Want to learn more about Inspire340 or one of the network's schools?
    Contact one of our team members:

     Karen Roseboro, Area Superintendent

    Dr. Karen Roseboro
    Area Superintendent
    336-727-2031  Ext. 70103 

     Diana McIntosh, School Improvement Director

    Diana McIntosh

    School Improvement Director
    336-748-4000 Ext. 70254 

    School Oversight:

    Ashley Academy
    Cook Literacy Model
    Ibraham Elementary
    Kimberley Park Elementary
    Petree Elementary
    North Hills Elementary
    Winston-Salem Prep (6-12)


     Carlos Valencia, School Improvement Director

    Carlos Valencia

    School Improvement Director
    336-748-4000 Ext. 70414

    School Oversight:

    Bolton Elementary
    Diggs-Latham Elementary
    Easton Elementary
    Hall-Woodard Elementary
    Forest Park Elementary
    Gibson Elementary
    Old Town Elementary