• Dance Program in WS/FCS

    The WS/FCS Dance Department is comprised of 20 teachers, is avalable at following schools

    Elementary, Middle and High School Dance Education offers an opportunity for students to practice cognitive skills in higher level thinking, dance terminology, and reinforcement for healthy Social/Emotional skills.  The major emphasis of Dance Education is psychomotor development and  Self awareness provides a base on which self-esteem is established.  


    Elementary Schools

    • Dance focus on exploration and integration of core subjects. 
    • School performances during the year.

    Middle Schools

    • Dance encompasses more health education and uderstanding the processes of the concepts of choreography.
    • School performances during the year.

    High Schools

    • Focuses on technique, performance, and choreography. 
    • The programs dive into the healthful living aspects of dance and how it and self-esteem fit into a positive lifestyle. 
    • At the high school level dance is offered as a PE alternative and as an honors arts elective. 
    • Students may receive multiple honors credits for dance class. 
    • School perfomances during school year 
    • Courses  
      • Dance 1 (Beginner)
      • Dance 2 (Intermediate)
      • Dance 3 (Proficient) (Honors available)
      • Dance 4 (Advanced) (Honors available)

    All-County Dance

    • Available to high school students
    • Students are chosen through an audition process which is developed by their individual schools.
    • Each school will have two student representatives.
    • The students that advance to the All-County will work with a professional choreographer during the event.
    • Students will work on a three minute piece that is developed by the choreographer to showcase at the night's performance in front of an audience.
    • The performance is a culmination of the hard work that the group of students puts in throughout the day with the choreographer.


    Student Choreography Showcase

    • Available for middle and high school students
    • Two students are chosen by their teachers at their individual schools for participation in this event.
    • Around 30 students will work all day with a local choreographer to develop a piece to show in the night showcase.
    • Individual schools will bring one piece each to showcase their talent from their dance department.


    Additional Student Opportunities