• 1st Grade

  • Teachers

    Yolanda Barreto, DLI  and Yudian Acevedo

    Jill Carter, Joseph Estep

    Brandy Salinas-Gonzalez

    Joyce Lindsey, Joseph Estep

  • As a first grader, you can expect your child to learn:


    * Ask/answer questions about key details

    * Retell stories with details, main idea, characters, setting, events

    * Written retells (mclass question stems as a resource)

    * Working with syllables & sounds in words

    * Short & long vowels

    * Know First Grade SIGHT WORDS: (click the link below)

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    * Narrative writing

    * Informative Writing (How To, use transitional words)

    * Opinion Writing (State an opinion and provide reasons)

    * Mechanics (capitalization, punctuation, spacing, handwriting)

    * Handwriting (penmanship,letter formation, lower and upper case letters)

    * Writing 8 complete sentences by the end of 1st grade.


    * Tens and ones

    * Place value

    * Counting to 120

    * Ten frames

    * Number order and comparing with < = >

    * Adding and subtracting mentally by tens

    * Addition and subtraction facts within 20

    * Adding 2 digit numbers within 100

    * Non-standard measurement

    * Data and graphs

    * Time to the hour and half hour(digital and analog)

    * 2D and 3D shapes and properties

    * Dividing shapes into equal shares

    * Story problems

    * Equal equations


    * Animal Habitats

    * Moon & Moon Phases

    * Force & Motion

    * Plants & their needs


    * Rules & Citizenship in home, school, community

    * Diverse customs/traditions

    * Holidays/celebrations

    * Geography (maps/globes)

    * Humans interactions with their environment

    * Economics (needs, wants, supply/demand



    If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document 

Last Modified on December 13, 2023