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    • The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools "Magnet Shuttle" Program currently provides over 2,000 students with transportation through "shuttle" bus service.  This program was developed to allow us to continue to provide transportation services for our magnet students who live out-of-zone for the magnet school they have chosen to attend.  This program allows students to remain at a magnet shuttle site until as late as 6:00 pm each day.  In the event there are (10) or more students within a single neighborhood who ride the school bus daily, Transportation will offer one residential stop within the neighborhood to those magnet students who attend the same magnet school and live out-of-zone.
    • Parents of any students who are NOT picked up within one hour after their arrival at their final school location will be required to pay a "supervisory fee" of $3.00 per day, payable on a weekly basis at the end of each week.  In addition, the parents of any student NOT picked up by the mandatory time of 6:00pm will be assessed an additional $10.00 "late" fee.  Your student will be given a summary of charges incurred at the end of each week; you may pay these charges with cash or check made out to the school where you pick up your student


    In the event of a weather related issue please read our Inclement Weather Procedure so you are aware of any changes that may occur in the Magnet Bus Schedule.

Magnet Shuttle Stops

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Magnet Express Stops

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