• SIT Minutes - August 24, 2022

    SIT Minutes for Carver School Improvement Team Meeting 

    Date: 9/21/22

    Location: Carver High School Media Center

    Time: 7:45 am

    1. Team/guest attendance

      1. Tolliver, Campbell, Piggott, Riley, Matthews, Wesnes, Martin, Knapper-Bolden, Maxwell, Ferguson, Jeffords

      2. Should we consider doing zoom link again for meetings to help parents attend

    2. Celebrate recent student-related successes

    1. SEL

    2. Enjoying the Hispanic Heritage materials teachers are sharing and doing with students

    3. AVID 9 class - A student who is very shy and does not like to speak out wrote a really good essay on his goals for his future.  Really displayed a strong voice

    4. Student videos for SGA voting were really creative and good.

    1. Review and respond to coaching comments

    2. Approval of last meeting's minutes

      1. Minutes approved

    3. Old business

    1. Team Roles Re-visited: handout, teams, sharing, feedback

    2. Performance Measures Overview

    3. NCStar Indicator Crosswalk

    4. Comprehensive Report Draft due September 26

    1. New Business

    1. Academic Data - C. Tolliver

      1. Reviewed data:  Overall Perf. grade is a D (this year 47, 18-19 was 54)

      2. The lowest % in most areas is ELS (now ML) and SWD.

      3. We did meet growth was -0.74 (only 0.26 from not meeting)

      4. Workkeys and ACT are two areas we need to work on to help with performance scores.

      5. Did not meet 95% in any area of the number of students tested

      6. Mrs. Campbell suggested and agreed to share weekly ACT/SAT vocabulary for teachers to incorporate in their lessons and utilize with students.

      7. Suggestions of cross-curricular planning and meetings should occur again.

    1. Indicators to Assess-Create-Monitor 

    1. Visit the three established goals and discuss the growth percentages based on data. 

    2. Goal 1 - Increase the Carver Graduation rate from 64% to 70% while increasing the subgroups of SWD and Hispanics by 5%.

      1. The leader will be Knapper-Bolden.

      2. Rehired Graduation coach

      3. Rehired 2 transition coaches

      4. Hired a certified credit recovery teacher

      5. Transcript audits completed by district and counselors for seniors and juniors

      6. limited the number of bridge courses for students 

      7. Tutoring after school and certain Saturdays

      8. Grade recovery packets for students who passed the exam for a class but failed

      9. Community mentors (WSSU, etc.)

      10. Upchieve is online for 24/7 tutoring assistance

    3. Reduce discipline referrals by 5% by utilizing Restorative Practices and Social Emotional Learning strategies to improve the school culture and climate.

      1. The leader will be Mr. Tillman

      2. Completed whole staff restorative practices and trauma-informed training

      3. Sent Brooks and Tolliver to Train the Trainer for Restorative practices so that they can train new staff as they join Carver 

      4. Utilizing resources for student mental health

      5. Positive reinforcement and celebrations for students with good grades, good attendance

      6. Code of Character, conduct, and Support role out and implementation

        1. Complete code training for staff, students, and parents

      7. Interventions with behavioral specialist

      8. Senior-freshman mentors??

    4. Increase EOC scores across all areas: English II, Math I and III and Biology by 5% by developing and implementing strategies that result in culturally responsive and appropriate instruction and curriculum delivery with fidelity, improving outcomes for all students using these strategies for universal instruction and improving outcomes for our lowest 10% through targeted and intensive interventions.

      1. The leader will be Tolliver

      2. PLT’s being content specific and new paperwork to heighten focus

      3. Common assessments between staff that teach the same content

      4. Hired a math coach

      5. AVID coordinator not teaching courses; working with staff to implement AVID practices

      6. Instructional newsletter quarterly

      7. Being data focused

        1. Goal summary meetings with API for EOC teachers

        2. Data shared in faculty meetings regularly for all staff

        3. EOC planning days

        4. Data focus session prior to school as the whole school and with District (Craver and Kraft came)

      8. ELP - Daytime tutoring and after-school tutoring

      9. PD for inclusion and co-teaching with staff

      10. SIOP strategies - looking into SIOP training for staff

      11. Part-time EL teacher and an EL TA hired

    1. Additional Agenda Items

    1. Assign teams and brief teams’ get together to determine meeting dates and times

    1. Next Meeting - October 19, 4pm - Media Center

    2. Adjourn - 8:48