• Social Studies Word Splash


    To create critical thinking,  globally aware students who possess the intellectual skills, civic values, and content knowledge to fully participate and lead in a democratic and increasingly interconnected international community.

    We believe:

    • All students have the right to a well-rounded education that includes intentional Social Studies Instruction.
    • Exposure to Social Studies content and skills provides students with the opportunity to develop literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills needed to function and thrive in today’s world.
    • Social Studies provides the opportunity for students to see the world through perspectives that are often underrepresented.
    • Social Studies provides a window to the world that students in our school community may not have access to visit in person.
    • All students should enjoy Social Studies instruction, that is:
      • Meaningful and connected to both standards and students’ strengths, needs and interests
      • Integrated and tied to concepts and standards
      • Values-Based in order to grow civic participation
      • Challenging and encouraging students’ inquiry
      • Active and Engaging (Intellectual discourse and Problem-Solving)