• The District Logo

    The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools logo is a mainstay of our visual identity. The district logo, or a department logo that incorporates the district logo, should be included on all communications and promotional materials. Using the logo consistently increases community awareness of and trust in WS/FCS.

    In order to maintain consistency, the following guidelines should be followed:

    The primary color option for our logo is black text with the tricolor icon.

    WS/FCS Logo

    For darker backgrounds, use the logo with white text and the tricolor icon.

    WSFCS logo with white text WSFCS Logo on Dark Photo

    For one-color applications or for greater contrast on photos, the all-white or all-black logo options can be used.

          All black logo        All White WSFCS Logo Example.png

    Alternate color logos may be used sparingly for specific campaigns but only at the discretion of the Marketing & Communications team.

    The formal district logo with Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools spelled out in text may be used in print or digital materials, especially when the logo is placed among other logos. In order to ensure legibility, do not use the spelled-out text version if the final deliverable logo size is smaller than 1.5 inches or 200 pixels.

    WSFCS Logo with Text

    Logo Use

    Distorted logo No rotation Spacing Around Logo
    Don't stretch or distort. Transform proportionally. Don't tilt or rotate at any other angle. Allow breathing space the equivalent of the S of WS/FCS around the logo.