Kenya Larned, Assistant Principal of Instruction

  • K Kenya LarnedK. Kenya Larned is transitioning this year from the School Improvement Grant Coach to the Assistant Principal of Instruction for Grades 3-5.  Ms. Larned received her Elementary teaching degree through Winston Salem State University and her master's degree in School Leadership from Appalachian State University. Growing up in Kenya, East Africa, she witnessed the important role that education plays in providing both opportunity and equity.   As a mother of 4, she mirrors Ms. Gatling's philosophy that above all we MUST do what is best for children.  Ms. Larned said, "I am so excited to be working in an administrative role that is focused on instruction- because our hearts and minds are in one accord- We want, We expect, We will have our Ashley scholars RISE! "  



Last Modified on August 19, 2022