In Opportunity Culture schools, teams of teachers work together to help students excel. These models let our best teachers reach more students with excellent instruction and help everyone teach more effectively. We expect more students to reach grade-level and subject standards faster, and more students to advance further.

    Our Opportunity of Culture Leaders are:

    Ms. Isbell  (1-2)

    Mrs. Douthit (K, 3, 4)

    Mrs. Adams-Jones (5)


    If you child is served by a multi-classroom leader’s team, one teacher will be the main point of contact, to keep  you informed and keep the team informed about your child.


    In the classrooms where our school has implemented an Opportunity Culture, you can expect:

    ·        High expectations that your child can learn and advance, even when facing challenges

    ·        Consistent monitoring of your child’s progress

    ·        Concrete actions to help your child address individual challenges, or advance further

    ·        Personally engaging instruction by teachers who are excited to teach and supported by a team

    ·        Approaches that motivate students to take ownership of their own learning

    ·        Increased small-group instruction

    ·        A team of adults who can focus on your child’s social, emotional, and time-management development


    Teachers in an Opportunity Culture benefit from:

    ·        Significantly higher pay that is funded by our regular budget, not temporary grants

    ·        More time to plan for instructional excellence, alone and with a team of colleagues

    ·        More opportunities for the best teachers to lead teams and help more students

    ·        More on-the-job learning for all teachers, so everybody improves and excels

    ·        More roles that let teachers focus on their teaching strengths


    FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO OpportunityCulture.org.

Last Modified on November 20, 2023