• WS/FCS Weekly COVID-19 Count Reporting

    In the Spring of the 2021-22 school year, WS/FCS began using a Daily COVID-19 New Case Report (COVID-19 Count) to reflect newly reported confirmed cases the district has been made aware of. The numbers on this report are indicative of all cases we are made aware of, both community and potential school exposure. This is the place to look for general information about new positive cases reported to us as it relates to a school or other worksite.

    Current reported confirmed cases are defined as cases that indicate a positive result. The case count is updated daily by 5pm for the day prior and is reset each day. Isolation periods begin the day after the reported symptoms start or if there are no symptoms, the day after the test was taken. 

    Our COVID team’s full attention is on symptomatic individuals and positive cases. We only provide general notification when a cluster (5 or more epi-linked cases) has been identified within a school or work location. 

    The Weekly COVID-19 Count will be placed in our archived list on the right side of the page for the prior week.

stock photo image of student receiving vaccine