• Your School Counselors are available to assist you in navigating the college application process.  Below are some useful tips and helpful website:

    1.  How do you plan to apply to college?

    Colleges and Universities have shifted to online/electronic admissions applications.  It is important to thoughtfully select your online platform and explore the platform at least 4-6 weeks prior to application submission deadlines.  At West, many students choose to submit applications through Naviance /Common App or College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC).  Additional platforms include Common Black College Application ($20 to apply for over 60 HBCUs across the country) or Coalition for College Application.

    If possible, select a single platform for all of your college applications to streamline your process


    2.  What deadline do you plan to meet?

    Make sure you understand the differences in Early Action, Early Decision, dates for consideration for merit-based scholarships, etc.  Also, be aware of those deadlines that are binding and make plans accordingly.  Students may choose Early Decision or Early Action deadlines for multiple reasons:

    1. Earlier admissions decision notification

    2. Possible increase in chances of being admitted

    2023-2024 NC College Admissions Deadlines


    3.  What is your testing plan?

    UNC system schools are test optional for entering freshman applying for Fall, Spring, or Summer 2022 admission.  You may decided to submit your scores, but know they are not required for admissions.  You will need to research schools' test plans outside of the UNC system to make sure you meet those requirements as you develop your test plan.

    April 2022 Updated Decision


    4.  Do you have a resume?

     Use the Recommendation/Scholarship Questionnaire as your resume or customize your own resume to use as you finalize college applications.  These documents are also helpful in providing a copy ot your recommenders so they can reference activities in which you have been involved.

    We ask our seniors to complete the 2022-2023 Recommendation Questionnaire to use in writing recommendations and have this completed document available for teachers to access.

    5.  Does your college require an essay?

    Colleges/Universities determine supplemental requirements.  Please pay close attention to thier websites or information you receive in the mail so you meet all expected requirements and deadlines.

    6.  Who will be writing your recommendations?

    Allow at least 2 weeks for your recommenders to complete/submit requested recommendations.  Make your request in writing (either via email or a formal letter) and provide a copy of your resume for the recommender to reference.  Remember to share your anticipated deadline with the recommender.  If you are using CommonApp, your recommender will upload the recommendation directly to the platform.  If you require a hard copy of the recommendation, make sure you have informed the recommender.

    7.  How do you send your transcripts?

    Transcripts can be submitted electronically by your assigned School Counselor if you are  applying to colleges using an online platform (common app, cfnc, etc.).  You may also request a hard copy of your transcript.  Transcripts for scholarships are free of charge and can be requested by using your personalized transcript request form (seniors only).  For college admissions, the first 2 copies are free; additional copies are $2/each.

    8.  Can you use an application fee waiver?

    If you meet established criteria and have used a fee waiver for the ACT or SAT, you qualify for college application fee waivers.  Your college application fee waiver codes will be available through your collegeboard or ACT accounts. 

    College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) will be hosting Free College Application Week October 16-20. 

    Students MUST use the CFNC platform to take advantage of this opportunity.  Some colleges use "linked" applications: students may be directed to another site from the CFNC webpage but to use the fee waiver for participating schools, the application process MUST begin at CFNC.

    Free College Application Week Participating Schools

Last Modified on October 2, 2023