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    WS/FCS Choice & Magnet Schools

    Magnet and choice schools offer the standard required curriculum of general education and distinctive themes or programs, such as science, technology, math, or the arts, that attract students to the schools. Students in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County have opportunities unlike those in any other system in North Carolina.  WS/FCS choice options serve every kind of student.  Families may choose from their residential schools, zone schools, or magnet schools. 

    WS/FCS is Worth the Choice!

    Differences Between Magnet and Choice Schools

    • Magnet Schools offer educational opportunities for grades K-12 through specialized programs, multicultural collaboration, arts, science, and career pathways. 
    • Choice schools allow parents to choose from their residential schools or another school inside of their zone or a magnet school.
    • At every school, students are led by teachers and staff members dedicated to helping them grow as students and people.

    WS/FCS School Choice Mission

    We are committed to providing all students with high-quality and engaging school choice options in every zip code, so they will graduate with interpersonal, academic, and workforce skills to compete globally and contribute to society. 

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