• Deputy Superintendent of Schools

    image of Dr. Fabby Williams, Deputy Superintendent

    Dr. Fabby Williams

  • Area Superintendents & School Assignments

  • Carmen Concepcion - Area Superintendent East
  • Felicia Davis - Area Superintendent South
  • Jill Hall-Freeman - Area Superintendent West
  • Quincy Williams - Area Superintendent North

Area Model of School Support

  • Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools are committed to the mission critical work of creating and enacting a comprehensive school support plan that ensures equitable resources with differentiated supports to guarantee that every school, including the historically marginalized schools, break the cycle of underperformance so students can thrive, achieve their dreams, and contribute positively to their community.

Area Model of Support Guiding Principles

    1. Balance of Socio-Economic Concentration and Needs Within the Areas
    2. Geography
    3. Grade Span Balance
    4. Alignment of Services


    • Creates area alignment that allows for a stronger organizational unit across district leadership and supports (i.e. EC, Social Work, etc.).
    • Recognizing all schools are different, this allows district leadership to deploy targeted supports to address specific school needs.
    • Creates balance within the areas as it relates to student demographics, socio-economic factors, geography, and grade spans.
    • Allows for a more inclusive and comprehensive list of priority schools to be identified within each area so all schools have equitable resourcing, services, recruitment and retention strategies.
    • Provides the community with a clearly defined, organized area in which they can seek the appropriate leadership and supports.