• Deputy Superintendent

    Dr. Jesse Pratt

  • Area Superintendents & School Assignments

  • Timisha Barnes-Jones - Area Superintendent - Inspire340
  • Carmen Concepcion - Area Superintendent East
  • Felicia Davis - Area Superintendent South
  • Fabby Williams - Area Superintendent West
  • Quincy Williams - Area Superintendent North

Area Model of School Support


    • Provide all schools and departments the differentiated support they need to reach the full potential of the Continuous Improvement Process to maximize student outcomes 
    • Train and support individuals to be strong instructional leaders and hold them accountable for achieving district goals.
    • Equip staff to support struggling students.
    • Intentionally engage our parent and community partners in understanding, supporting, and advocating for our district goals in the service of students.


    • Area alignment allows for a stronger organizational unit across all district supports (ie. EC, Social Work, etc.)
    • Provides focused community consistency by aligning the AS with all schools in a common area
    • Recognizing all communities are different, this allows the AS and district supports to address and target specific community needs
    • Provides the community with a clearly defined, organized area in which they can seek the appropriate supports
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