• Testing

    All students in the WSFCS are required to take standardized tests throughout the year. Below are a list of the required tests students will take during the year.


    End of Quarter Benchmarks (3rd-5th Grade)- At the end of each quarter, students will be assessed on the material that is taught in the quarter. This helps the teacers and the students know if the students understand all the material they are expected to know.

    Access(K-5th Grade)- Limited English Proficient students will complete this testing. The assessment evaulates speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.


    Field Testing- Throughout the year, we are often required to give field tests to help gather information about test reliability. Schools are chosen randomly to participate in these tests.



    Ready Testing- 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students take Ready tests at the end of the school year. These tests are used to determine proficiency in Reading, Math, and Science (5thgrade only).  THERE IS NO RETEST EXCEPT 3RD GRADE READING!


    Dibels and TRC (K-3rd Grade)- Students in K-3 will complete the Dibels and TRC assessment 3 times a year to determine how well they are reading. If they are not on grade level they will go through Progress Monitoring between assessments to help them acheive grade level standards.
    Test Taking Strategies

    1. Every fifth question check to see if you are on the right number.
    2. Darken your circle well.
    3. Read each question or problem carefully to better understand what they are asking for.
    4. Materials - bring your favorite highlighter or pencils.
    5. Budget your time wisely - pay attention to the clock.
    6. Read all questions carefully.
    7. Be sure you know what is being asked.
    8. Look at all choices before you answer.
    9. Eliminate answers you know are wrong.
    10. Paraphrase the questions in your mind.
    11. Wear comfortable shoes. Wiggle your toes and rub your feet
    on the floor - it helps keep you awake.
    12. Wear comfortable clothes since you will be sitting for a period of time.
    Testing Windows

    Students should arrive to school by 8:45 on the morning of testing and will usually be finished by 12:30.Test dates could change if school days are missed due to snow. 




Last Modified on September 28, 2015