Culinary Arts & Hospitality



    Culinary Arts & Hospitality 1

    This course is designed to introduce students to the hospitality and food-service industry by learning about components of professional practice and building basic knowledge and skills in food preparation, baking, and food-service operations. The instruction includes students learning food safety, breakfast cookery, salads and sandwiches, quick breads and cookies, and dining room service.

    Culinary Arts & Hospitality 2 - Internship

    This course is designed for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in basic food preparation, baking, and food-service operations through mentored work experiences in the food-service industry. The experience includes students preparing and selling breakfast items, salads and sandwiches, and quick breads and cookies while applying safety, sanitation, and guest service skills. Prerequisite: Culinary Arts & Hospitality 1.

    Culinary Arts & Hospitality 3

    This course is designed for students to further develop their knowledge and skills through learning about advanced food preparation, garde-manger, baking and pastry, and food-service operations. The experience includes students learning cooking techniques, food preservation, yeast breads and pastries preparation, human relations management, menu planning, and food-service purchasing and receiving. Prerequisite: Culinary Arts & Hospitality 2.