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    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools will engage all students in high-quality, relevant learning experiences so they will graduate with interpersonal, academic, and workforce skills to compete globally and contribute to society.


    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools will be the best place to learn and work through excellence, collaboration, and inclusiveness.

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    • Student Achievement
    • Equity and Access
    • Community Engagement
    • Human Resources Development
    • Climate and Safety


    Core Values

    • Student-Centered: We focus on the needs of every child.
    • Accountability: We take responsibility for and reflect on our impact on student outcomes.
    • Collaboration: We work together to support each other’s efforts to meet every student’s needs.
    • Equity: We honor diversity by addressing barriers to success for every student.
    • High Expectations: We challenge ourselves to inspire every student’s pursuit of greatness.
    • Integrity: We align our actions, beliefs and values to support every student.

    Core Beliefs

    • Adult behavior impacts student outcomes
    • Home, school, and community relationships drive student success
    • Students remember how we make them feel
    • A growth mindset fosters high expectations for all students
    • Students are at the heart of what we do


    • High expectations and high accountability in a psychologically safe environment.