SEL 3 Signature Practices
  • The 3 Signature SEL Practices provide practical ways to introduce and broaden the use of SEL practices in classrooms, schools, and workplaces. The use of these signature practices helps to shape equitable learning and work environments. Instead of leaving the development of positive environments to chance, signature practices provide a way to intentionally attend to the design of all lessons, meetings, and gatherings. 

    When used deliberately and with fidelity, these practices lead to equitable environments. CASEL identifies the essential elements of equitable learning and work spaces as: 

    • Equity of voice: All participants are encouraged to speak and are respectfully heard.
    • Inclusion: All degrees of participation are welcomed and acknowledged.
    • Collectivism: All engage in and contribute to a “for the good of the group” experience

    The Three Signature SEL Practices are:

    1. Welcoming Inclusion Strategies - brief interactive experiences that elevate all voices, provide a connection to each other and/or to the content of the day.
    2. Engaging Strategies - brain compatible strategies that can foster: relationships, cultural humility and responsiveness, empowerment, and collaboration.
    3. Optimistic Closure - ending activities with time to reflect on and choose something to take away from the activity.

    For more information, download a copy of CASEL's Three Signature Practices Playbook here or visit the New Signature Practices Website from CASEL at