• U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

    (Not offered at North Forsyth or Reagan)

    Army JROTC I
    Study leadership theory and application, foundation for success, communication/study skills, citizenship, military customs and courtesies, physical training, drill, map reading, and the history and objectives of JROTC.

    Army JROTC II
    Study wellness, fitness and first aid, drug awareness, ethical values, oral and written communication, technology application, and citizenship in American history and Government. Demonstrate knowledge of drill, map reading, and physical training, with emphasis on methods of instruction and leadership. Prerequisite: JROTC I.

    Army JROTC III (Standard and Honors)
    Study leadership strategies, managing conflict, career planning, financial planning, citizenship in American history and government with continued practical work in leadership, drill, technology awareness, methods of instruction, map reading and physical training. Prerequisite: JROTC II.

    Army JROTC IV (Standard and Honors)
    Demonstrate leadership potential as a role model, coach, counselor, management skills and assistant instructor. Study service to the nation and financial planning, with continued practical work in drill, technology awareness, physical training and command and staff principles. Prerequisite: JROTC III.

    Army JROTC V (Standard or Honors)
    Assist instructor in the LET level class assigned. Assist instructor in drill, physical training and inspections with a requirement to teach aminimum of one class for each subject taught for the LET  level class assigned, with emphasis placed on proper teaching methods and preparation of lesson plans. Normally assumes the leadership positions and the responsibilities of command  functions with continued practical work in drill, technology awareness,