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    Students and Families, check out the CFNC Plan Your Future webpage for more information on how you can start planning for college, a career, and so much more.   

    CFNC-Plan Your Future- English 

    CFNC-Planifique su futuro- Espanol


    Check out the NC 529 Savings Plan to learn how you can start saving for college and more.

    Learn more here: 

    Save for College-NC 529 Plan 

    A 529 Account is a tax-advantaged way to save and invest for education. 529 funds can be used for two- and four-year colleges, K-12 tuition, certain student loan payments, and more.

    Una cuenta 529 es una forma de ahorrar e invertir para la educación con ventajas fiscales. Los fondos 529 se pueden usar para universidades de dos y cuatro años, matrícula K-12, ciertos pagos de préstamos estudiantiles y más.


Last Modified on June 27, 2022