Property Management Services

  • Our Duties

    • Ensure students have a safe, comfortable environment to prosper and learn with as little disruption to the classroom or school as possible
    • Assure the Board of Education's investment by providing excellence in property management and maintenance
    • Provide support, advice and other resources when needed by schools and principals, thus allowing principals to focus on educational
    • Provide the interface and coordination between various operations departments and schools to ensure efficient, timely service
    • Perform routine audits and observations to assure safety, security and lighting issues
    • Represent the day-to-day interests and concerns of the tenants (principal, students, parents, public, etc.) on behalf of the Board of Education
    • Serve as liaison between the owners (Board of Education) and the tenants (schools and the public)
    • Coordinate community use of school-owned sites
  • Community School Rentals
  • 3810 N. LIBERTY
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