Facility Advisory Council

  • BOE Appointed Members:

      Deanna Kaplan
    Joy Simmons Alexandre Bohannon
    Dossie Poteat Robert Barr
    Jimmy Norwood Trevonia Brown-Gaither
    Lori Farrington Sabrina Coone
    Ben Wilson Leah Crowley
    David Arnold Susan Miller
    Jovon Mosley Richard Watts
    Jessica Pritchett Steve Wood

    Additional Advisory Committee Members

    Larry Breeding Franklin Bridgewater
    Candice Edwards Conrad Emmerich
    Haley Gibbs Joey Goodman
    Amanda Gordon Crystal Hopper
    Melissa Jenkins Yeymy Jones
    Mary E LaRosa Jeffery Manter
    Deepak Mohan Saliah Rice
    Donald Sawyer Francisco Silva
    Patricia Springs Rob Taylor
    Krista Valade Tina Whitfield

    Board of Education Members

    Sabrina Coone Building and Grounds Chair
    Trevonia Brown-Gaither BOE Vice Chair

    WS/FCS Staff Members

    Tricia McManus Superintendent
    Darrell Walker Chief Planning & Construction Officer
    Lauren Richards Chief Operations Officer
    Justin Dyson Exec. Director of Facilities
    Carlos Sanders Director of Capital Projects
    Sheila Simpson Construction Admin Assistant


FAC Bylaws

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Upcoming Meetings

FAC Agendas

FAC Meeting Minutes