Facilities Advisory Committee

  • BOE Appointed Members:  

    Appointed by

    Ricky Johnson

    Malishai Woodbury

    Al Jabbar

    Lida Calvert-Hayes

    John Coyne

    Andrea Bramer

    George Redd 

    Barbara Burke

    Ben Wilson, Jr.

    Leah Crowley

    Michael Lischke

    Dana Caudill Jones

    Michelle Barson

    Deanna Kaplan

    Alex Bohannon

    Elisabeth Motsinger

    Stan Elrod

    Marilyn Parker

    Mike Horn

    Deanna Kaplan

    Board of Education Members  

    Leah Crowley

    Building and Grounds Chair

    Lida Calvert-Hayes

    BOE Vice Chair

    WS/FCS Staff Members  

    Tricia McManus


    Darrell Walker

    Chief Planning & Construction Officer

    Lauren Richards

    Chief Operations Officer

    Dionne Jenkins

    General Counsel

    Justin Dyson

    Exec. Director of Facilities

    Barry Motsinger

    Director of Capital Projects

    Nick Seeba

    Director of Facilities and Construction

    Sheila Simpson

    Construction Admin Assistant



FAC Bylaws

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Meeting 2/24/21

FAC Agendas

FAC Meeting Minutes