• Students are learning and exhibiting our PRIDE Core Values-Preparation, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence. Congratulations to our Pre-K-5th grade students who are nominated for showing their PRIDE during each week of school!  


     March 3

    March 10

    March 17



    February 3

    February 17




    January 13

    January 20



    October 10-14

    Mia Rodriguez

    Xavier Hernandez

    Ian Martinez-Contreras

    Ezra Yancy


    September 19-23 Paw Pride Awards

    Devina Juanes
    Maria Garcia-Dominguez
    Claire Garber
    Jasper Tierrablanca
    Jessica Ibrahim
    Stephany Castro Leos
    Amani Crawford
    Camden Gudger
    Allison Sanchez-Vasquez
    Jaavione Slaughter
    David Garcia Reyes
    Mariam Ahmad
    Wiaam Rasheed

    September 12-16 Paw Pride Awards

    Stephany Castor Leos
    Abrahem Albayati
    Lylah Cousino
    Addison DeCamp
    Derrelle Woods
    Amani Crawford
    Kennedy Phifer
    Justin Ingram
    Devina Juanes
    Josiah Burnette

    September 5-9 Paw Pride Awards 

    Jamarian Frazier
    Maddox Gudger
    Quorra Gosh
    Mia Zackery
    Jade Orellana
    Yessi Rodriguez Borges
    Mateo Marin Salinas
    Rhshawn Wolfe
    David Pitts
    Natalie Moore
    Eva French
    Mohammad Ahmad

    August 29-September 2 Paw Pride Awards


    MiKenzie McMillian
    Violet Jean Baptiste
    Samantha Mabe
    Nadia Mumford
    Aurora Cousino
    Kyiah Ventura
    Mia Younkins
    Reese Garber
    Esimo Eni
    Jordin Santana
    Mykhal Felix
    Reign Summers

    We are so very proud of each of you. Keep up the great work, Ward Lions!
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