• Title 1 is a federal program which awards schools additional funding based on the economic needs of our school community. 

    What does Title 1 mean for our students and families?

    • Title 1 means additional funds for our school, which translates to our school being able to offer additional resources such as staffing.  
    • Title 1 means additional events for our families to become partners with our teachers and staff as we build the capacity of our learners.

    What does Title 1 mean for our  teachers?

    • During the year when our school hosts events, teachers should keep sign-in sheets of family members that attend as part of our evidence to the Title 1 department. In addition, quarterly or monthly newsletters that you send to your families should also be saved as part of our evidence to the Title 1 department. 
    • Agendas for meetings and events should be maintained as well. ALWAYS INCLUDE ATTENDANCE. 
    • All documentation should be put in a pdf format and submitted to our Title 1 Coordinator: Kim Conrad.
    • See the video of how to cover files below: 


    Use Zamzar.com to convert a file. 

Last Modified on October 24, 2023