• Driver's Education

    North Carolina Driving School
    Driver's Education registrations are done online through the North Carolina Driving School.
    For a list of available classes and locations, go to www.ncdrivingschool.com or call 800-375-6550.

    WSFCS driver's education has been contracted to the NC Driving School. Students who will be 14.5 may register for classes.

    Registration Process
    • If a student does not have online access, they can register by calling 800-375-6550.
    • Registration will open after 12:00 am, 3 weeks before the first day of class.
    • A confirmation email will be sent at the time of registration.
    • Registration will close 5 days before the first class.
    • A reminder email will be sent 5 days before the first class.
    • Students will need a photo copy of their birth certificate and pen and paper for notes on the first day of class. 
Last Modified on November 20, 2023