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    Registration 2024-2025
    The district high school registration timeline for this year is from February 5th - March 28th. Please review this registration overview for RJR specific dates and procedures.

    Individual student meetings will begin on February 12th. Students will receive individual appointment times on Wednesday, February 7th in Homeroom. Students who are at the Career Center (or absent) from homeroom, need to report to Student Services as soon as they are on campus to get their registration time. There will also be times posted by last name outside of Student Services.

    The online registration system allows students to enter class selections through PowerSchool prior to their meeting. The system is open for only registration. Teachers may enter course recommendations directly into PowerSchool but as always, conversations with teachers about next year’s courses are encouraged and provide valuable insight for students and parents.

    Having a specific date for these meetings in advance will allow parents to discuss course selections with their students and help enter courses online. For technical assistance in entering courses, please see the On-line Registration Information PDF. Registration meetings will be student only meetings. Please remember that the students' meeting times are  “check-in” times.  We have allotted 10-15 minutes for each meeting and there are three students scheduled in each 45-minute slot.  We see students in the order they arrive. For example, we see a student at 8:55, 9:10, and 9:25 during the first slot.

    This is a time-intensive process, but we feel it is a benefit to both our students and our counselors.  Due to the large number of students seen by our six counselors during this time, there is no time for students to reschedule. Students who miss their appointment will be called to register when their counselor has an open slot.

    Students should come to these meetings prepared, with potential classes entered on-line and questions to ask the counselor. 

    Important Dates
    February 7th            Online Registration Portal Enabled for Students
    February 7th            Registration appointment times distributed through Homeroom
    February 12th - March 22nd        Individual registration meetings
    March 28th              Last day to change class selections

Last Modified on February 8, 2024