Food Products & Processing Systems Career Pathway (FPPR)

    Foundational Prerequisite Prerequisite Concentrator Career Pathway Major
      FN41 Food and Nutrition I HN FN43 Food Science and Technology HN CTE Advanced Studies  HN OR
    CTE Apprenticeship HN OR
    CTE Internship HN
    Occupations: Dietetic Technician; Dietitian and Nutritionist


    FN41 Food and Nutrition I: Emphasizes the relationship of diet to health and the selection of foods to satisfy needs. Learn to use and care for the kitchen while learning to prepare, store and serve a variety of foods. This course is eligible for honors weight. 

    FN43-Food Science and Technology HN: Explores the food industry from the farm to the table using skills in food science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Government regulations, emerging trends, biotechnology, and career opportunities from scientists to technicians will be presented. Prerequisite: FN41 Food 

Last Modified on February 9, 2023