Foundational Prerequisite Prerequisite Concentrator Career Pathway Major
      BA10 Accounting I HN BA20 Accounting II HN CTE Advanced Studies HN OR
    CTE Apprenticeship HN OR
    CTE Internship HN
    Occupations: Brokerage Clerk; Tax Preparer
    BA10 Accounting I HN: Study basic principles of accounting cycle. Emphases include careers, business ownership, analyzing and recording business transactions, preparing, and interpreting financial statements, accounting systems, banking, and payroll. Math and critical thinking skills are reinforced. Prerequisite: Keyboarding skills recommended. 
    BA20 Accounting II HN: Develop in-depth knowledge of accounting procedures used to solve business problems and make financial decisions. Emphases include partnership and corporate accounting, adjustments and inventory control, budgetary control, cost accounting and employment skills.   Prerequisite: BA10 Accounting I HN