Foundational Prerequisite Prerequisite Concentrator Career Pathway Major
      TE11 Technology Engineering & Design HN TE12 Technological Design HN OR
    TE13 Engineering Design HN
    CTE Advanced Studies HN OR
    CTE Apprenticeship HN OR
    CTE Internship HN
    Occupations: Civil Engineering Technician; Engineering Technician; Mechanical Engineering Technician
    TE11 Technology Engineering & Design: This course focuses on the nature and core concepts of technology, engineering, and design. Through engaging activities, students are introduced to elements and principles of design, basic engineering, problem solving, and teaming. Students apply research and development skills and produce physical and virtual models. Activities are structured to integrate physical and social sciences, Mathematics, English language arts and art. This course is eligible for honors weight. 

    TE12 Technological Design HN: This course continues to apply the skills, concepts, and principles of design. The design fields of graphics, industrial design, and architecture receive major emphasis. Engineering content and professional practices are presented through practical application. Working in design teams, students apply technology, science, and mathematics concepts and skills to solve engineering and design problems. Students research, develop, test, and analyze engineering designs using criteria such as design effectiveness, public safety, human factors, and ethics. Art, English language arts, mathematics and science are reinforced. This course is eligible for honors weight.  Prerequisite: TE11 Technology Engineering and Design 

    TE13 Engineering Design HN: This course continues to apply the skills, concepts, and principles of engineering. Students explore various technological systems and engineering processes in related career fields. Topics include investigating technological systems, design optimization and problem solving. Students utilize CAD and physical and virtual modeling concepts to construct, test, collect and report data. This course is eligible for honors weight.   Prerequisite: TE11 Technology Engineering & Design