• SCS ESSER Safe Return to In-Person & Continuity of Services Plan, through September 2024


    Intent and Purpose (Revised March 15, 2023)

    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (WS/FCS) returned to phased reopening (face-to-face or in-person) instruction on Oct. 26, 2020, with Pre-k.  Grades K-3 began their phased (four days a week Plan A)  on Nov. 2, 2020.  Grades 4 & 5 returned in cohorts, with 2 days per week of instruction on Nov. 16. Middle school grades returned in cohorts, attending 2 days in-person per week or alternating weeks (depending on school size) with grade 6 on Nov. 2, 2020, and grades 7-8 on Nov. 16.  High School students returned with the same schedule as middle schools,  for in-person classes, in cohorts, with on Jan. 25, 2020.  WS/FCS middle and high schools moved to four days a week (Plan A) on April 19.  

    WS/FCS returned to full in-person instruction, 5 days per week for all grade levels on August 23, 2021, and has continued as of today’s date.