Apparel & Textile Production Career Pathway (ATPR)

    Foundational Prerequisite Prerequisite Concentrator Career Pathway Major
      FA31 Apparel and Textile Production I HN FA32 Apparel and Textile Production II HN CTE Advanced Studies HN OR
    CTE Apprenticeship HN OR
    CTE Internship HN
    Occupations: Fabric and Apparel Patternmaker
    FA31 Apparel and Textile Production I: Examine clothing production areas, including preparation for clothing construction, basic clothing construction techniques, consumer decisions, textiles, historical perspectives and design and career opportunities. Skills will be applied to apparel and home fashion. This course is eligible for honors weight. 
    FA32 Apparel and Textile Production II HN: Examine advanced clothing and housing apparel development skills. The use of fibers and fabrics is combined with design and construction techniques to develop and produce clothing or housing apparel products. A real or simulated apparel business enterprise and FCCLA activities allow students to apply instructional strategies and workplace readiness skills to an authentic experience and to develop a portfolio. Mathematics and science are reinforced.  Prerequisite: FA31 Apparel & Textile Production I